One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of boat maintenance, is something that actually affects more boats every year… ripped or damaged boat seats.  But a damaged boat seat is more than just unsightly.  In addition to taking away from its overall value, they can also be irritating and uncomfortable for you and your sea-faring passengers. 

Since damaged, ripped, torn and faded boat seats are extremely common, we thought this would be a good time to review some of the basics, for keeping your boat's seating in new condition, or having it repaired or replaced.

Common Types of Boat Seat Damage

It will come as no surprise that rips and tears to boat seats, in addition to fading, are the most common type of damage, as reported by boat owners.  This can happen for a number of reasons.  The first, as you might expect, is age.  Regardless of how high-end or luxurious your boat is, the seats are eventually going to show their age.  The more you use your vessel, the faster this will happen.

Faded or discolored boat seats are just as common.  This happens from excessive use, lack of proper care or maintenance, and long term exposure to moisture and other water-related elements.  This is true for all types of boats, be it speed and ski boats, pontoons, fishing boats, luxury yachts, and others.

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Boat Seat Repair Rochester NY

Repair or Replace Your Boat's Seat

This is something that all boat owners eventually go through.  With enough time, your seats will eventually require you to make a decision.  Do you replace the seats of your boat altogether, or simply hire someone to repair them?  Well, it depends.

In many cases, the seats of a boat can be easily repaired - in much the same way that one would have their vehicle's seat repaired.  However, in order for the repair to last, it must be done by someone who absolutely knows what they're doing.  The use of special techniques and materials is essential, and can mean the difference between a seat repair that last a week, and one that lasts a decade. 

In the event that the seat is beyond repair, a replacement may be the only option.  Fortunately, there are many good and affordable boat seat replacement options in the WNY area.

Who Offers Boat Seat Repair in Rochester NY?

For over 50 years, Carl's Custom Upholstery has been specializing in all types of boat and marine seating repairs.  Whether you have stock vinyl seals, expensive leather boat seating, or something in-between, Carl's will find the best option for your boat and your budget. 

In the Rochester NY area and looking for affordable boat seat repair and replacement?  Call Carl's today at 585-581-0110, for more information on getting your boat ready for the water this summer!  They offer exceptional work, low rates, and the best upholstery service in Rochester!

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